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In the 2024 offseason, our league officially sanctioned several rivalry matchups, some within divisions and others across divisions. The historical significance of each rivalry will be documented here.

Intra-divisional matchups will take place biannually, ensuring they occur at least twice every year.

Certain inter-divisional rivalries may not happen annually, as the league's inter-division matchups rotate on a yearly basis.

It's important to note that postseason rivalry matchups are included in this documentation, with the exception of Unholy Bowl matchups, which have a separate record. While Unholy Bowl encounters impact the overall head-to-head records, they are NOT considered in the tally for Rivalry Badges.


1432 Trap Battle

It's time for the legendary 1432 Trap Battle between Jack  Howard's Thomasville Shockers and Hunter James' Carrollton Ditch Chickens!

Jack and Hunter were once roommates during their college days at the University of West Georgia. Their apartment, number 1432, was more than just a living space—it was the infamous Trap House, where debauchery reigned supreme and friendships were forged in the crucible of chaos.

This rivalry matchup, named after their beloved apartment, is steeped in history. It's where Jack's pet duckling Donny waddled into their lives, earning a place of honor on their badge. And it's where many of the relationships in their fantasy football league began.

Now, as adversaries on the fantasy gridiron, Jack and Hunter bring all that history and camaraderie to the forefront. But make no mistake, this isn't just about touchdowns, sacks, and field goals. It's about pride, glory, and the sweet taste of victory—or the bitter sting of defeat.

So buckle up, folks, because the 1432 Trap Battle promises to be a showdown unlike any other in the Shirts Division!

MagicEraser_240320_013536 2.PNG

The Lone Star - Palmetto Showdown

Here's the scoop: Zack Gregory's TexMex Tacomunchers are ready to spice things up with a Texan twist, bringing the heat of a jalapeño and the flavor of a smoky barbecue straight to the fantasy football field. And then there's Billy Holland's Flotown Fringe Guys, repping South Carolina like a bunch of wild rebels, bringing the grit and determination of a Southern brawl.

But hold onto your beer helmets, 'cause this ain't no backyard barbecue—this is Shirts Division fantasy football warfare, where every play is a slap in the face and every touchdown a victory dance!


The Husbands of Hannah Rivalry

Prepare yourselves for another Shirts Division showdown in The Husbands of Hannah Rivalry! On one side, we have Hunter James' Carrollton Ditch Chickens. On the other you've got Justin Leabo's Mississippi Butts.

This heated battle is named after the wives of the two competitors, both named Hannah, igniting a rivalry fueled by the eternal question: Which Hannah reigns supreme? Representing one side are Hunter James' Carrollton Ditch Chickens, while on the opposing side are Justin Leabo's Mississippi Butts. The competition is more than just a fantasy football showdown; it's a quest to determine which husband and Hannah duo will emerge victorious. So, brace yourselves for a showdown filled with twists, turns, and plenty of gridiron glory as these teams fight tooth and nail to claim the title of ultimate fantasy football champions.


The Battle of the Baccy

In the Shirts Division of our fantasy football league, get ready for "The Battle of the Baccy" between Justin Leabo's Mississippi Butts and Chase Smith's Coweta Cowboys. Now, imagine grown men competing with teams named after tobacco remnants – one after the cigarette butts cowboys casually flick away, and the other after the favorite indulgence of rugged cowboys. Yep, that's the level of absurdity we're dealing with here.


As division rivals, these two teams will lock horns at least twice a year, and you can bet it'll be a showdown smokier than a barbecue grill on a blazing summer day. So get ready for touchdowns, trash talk, and enough tobacco references to make a saloon brawl look like a genteel tea party!


The Phight

In the world of fantasy football, there exists a fierce rivalry known as "The Phight." Here, Zack Gregory's TexMex Tacomunchers collide with Jack Howard's Thomasville Shockers. These former pledge brothers from the University of Alabama now find themselves on opposite ends of the gridiron, battling it out for supremacy in the league.

The name "The Phight" is a clever blend of "phi" from their Phi Delta Theta fraternity days and "fight," reflecting the intensity of their competition. Zack and Jack pull out all the stops to claim victory. It's a clash of egos and strategy where no holds are barred.

Symbolizing their journey from pledge brothers to fantasy foes is the logo: a baby blue polo shirt, reminiscent of the attire they once wore during their pledging days. It serves as a humorous reminder of their shared past, now transformed into a battleground for fantasy football supremacy. So, buckle up and get ready for "The Phight," where friendships are tested, rivalries are ignited, and only one team can emerge victorious.


The Dope Bowl

The Dope Bowl - where fantasy football meets fraternity feuds and the scent of competition is as pungent as a fresh batch of marijuana. It's the ultimate Skins Division showdown between Trevor Woodworth's Atlanta Alcoholics and Charlie Call's Gwinnett County Girthy Goobers. These Kappa Sig pledge brothers from the University of West Georgia have been talking smack since their college days, and now, it's time to settle the score on the virtual gridiron.

Get ready for a spectacle hotter than a Backwoods blunt at a Snoop Dogg concert! Grab your munchies, pack your bowls, and let the madness begin - The Dope Bowl is about to light up!


The I-10 Conflict

"The I-10 Conflict" isn't just any ol' bowl. No, sir! It's named after the lifeline of Florida itself—the mighty Interstate 10. A stretch of asphalt that connects the bustling city of Jacksonville to the wild college party scene of Tallahassee. It's not just a road; it's a battleground where dreams are made, egos are shattered, and friendships are put to the ultimate test.

The Tallanasty Bar Rats, led by Dylan Shanks, face off against the Duval Dealers, managed by Parker Woodworth in this Skins Division Rivalry. Though they're as thick as thieves in their day-to-day antics, once fantasy football season kicks off, it's all-out war. This isn't just a clash of cultures and personalities; it's a head-to-head battle of fantasy football savagery that'll leave you gasping for air!


The Golden Pickle Rivalry

Strap yourselves in as we witness the battle between the Duval Dealers and the Gwinnett County Girthy Goobers. 

Picture this: Parker Woodworth, the self-proclaimed kingpin of chaos, slinging insults like confetti at a New Year's Eve party. He's the kind of guy who could start an argument in an empty room. And Charlie Call, manager of the Girthy Goobers, well, let's just say he's had more than his fair share of verbal jabs from Parker.

Legend has it that it all began when Parker, in a fit of creative insult crafting, dubbed Charlie a "Pickle Ticklin' Weasel." Now, whether Charlie actually tickles pickles in his spare time or not, we may never know. But what we do know is that this insult became the basis of many a joke, and now the moniker of a rivalry so fiery, it could roast marshmallows at a thousand paces.

Both managers find themselves duking it out in the Skins Division, where the competition is as fierce as a rabid honey badger. And let's be real here, folks, these two aren't just playing for bragging rights—they're playing for the coveted Golden Pickle of the Weasels, a symbol of dominance, superiority, and maybe just a pinch of pettiness.


White Chocolate Chip Bowl

In one corner, we've got Dylan Shank's Tallanasty Bar Rats, with a squad as tough as old leather. And in the other corner, we've got Jake Lee's Tyrone Terminators, ready to kick some ass. The bowl's moniker, "The White Chocolate Chip Bowl," pays homage to the two managers' unique experience as white boys navigating a culturally black school, blending in like white chocolate chips in a sea of dark.

Now, these two managers might've blended into the culture back at the Creek like a pair of vanilla beans in a sea of dark roast, but let's not sugarcoat it – they're as savage as a pack of hungry hyenas when it comes to fantasy football.

Expect some downright filthy trash talk, gutter-level mind games, and maybe even a few dirty tricks as these two teams duke it out for dominance in this Skins Division clash.


Woodworth Family Legacy Rivalry

Introducing the Woodworth Family Legacy Rivalry, where gridiron greatness meets family pride in an epic clash for fantasy supremacy. In this competition, the prestigious Woodworth Family Legacy Badge awaits the victor, symbolizing not just victory on the field, but the continuation of a proud family tradition.

At the heart of the rivalry lie the three brothers: Sawyer, Trevor, and Parker, each representing their own distinct football prowess and boundless competitive spirit. As members of the Skins Division, they face off twice during the regular season, unleashing a torrent of trash talk and intensity that electrifies the league. Every matchup is more than just a game—it's a battle for family honor, with the weight of generations resting on their shoulders. 

As the season unfolds, the Woodworth Family Legacy Rivalry captivates the league, drawing in fans and foes alike with its blend of shit talk and familial bonds. And when the dust settles, only one brother will emerge victorious, earning the right to proudly hoist the Woodworth Family Legacy Badge high above their heads, cementing their place in family lore and fantasy football history.


The Phoenix Bowl

Gather 'round, fellow fantasy football fiends, for The Phoenix Bowl! On one end of the field, we have Sawyer Woodworth's Woodstock Woollies, formerly Logan Hilton's Dalton Doobies, a team so consistently abysmal they made losing look like an art form. And facing off against them are 2023 Shit King Justin Leabo's Mississippi Butts, a squad so lackluster they could put a caffeine addict to sleep. These two franchises were the poster children for failure, the yin and yang of ineptitude in our inaugural season. But now, like a phoenix rising from the ashes of their past humiliations, they're back for a shot at redemption.


The name "Phoenix Bowl" is more than just a catchy title; it's a testament to the resilience of these teams. Like the legendary bird, they've been through the fiery depths of defeat, only to emerge stronger (or at least marginally less terrible). Will the Woodwoolies spin a yarn of victory, or will the Butts finally rise from their comfy seats and seize the day? One thing's for sure: in this battle of the bumbling, expect the unexpected, except maybe a decent play.


Soup Bowl

Get ready for a showdown more intense than a barroom brawl on game day as Dylan Shank's Tallanasty Bar Rats face off against Chase Smith's Coweta Cowboys in the epic clash known as the Soup Bowl! These gridiron gladiators are ready to leave it all on the virtual field, with more trash talk than a group chat after one too many drinks. Dylan's Bar Rats, fueled by cheap beer and questionable decisions, are itching to show the Cowboys who the real alpha dogs of the league are. But Chase's Cowboys, with their cowboy hats and swagger bigger than their ego, aren't about to let these rodents run off with the victory. So grab your fantasy playbooks and get ready for a rivalry so heated, it'll make Deflategate look like a picnic in the park!


The Cereal Bowl

Sawyer Woodworth's Woodstock Woollies face off against Billy Holland's Flotown Fringe Guys in "The Cereal Bowl" rivalry! Get ready for a showdown fiercer than a grizzly bear in a phone booth. With the Woollies slinging touchdowns like they're handing out beers and the Fringe Guys hitting harder than a Monday morning alarm clock, it's gonna be a clash more intense than a backyard wrestling match.

So grab your helmets, pour yourself a bowl of courage, and let's tackle this rivalry head-on! Just remember, in "The Cereal Bowl," victory tastes sweeter than the crunchiest cereal on game day, and losing feels like getting stuck in the middle of a marshmallow shortage in a box of Lucky Charms!


Salad Bowl

The Salad Bowl rivalry between Jake Lee's Tyrone Terminators and Billy Holland's Flotown Fringe Guys is the stuff of legend in our fantasy football league. It's a clash of titans where testosterone meets tomfoolery, and the stakes are as high as the cholesterol levels in our post-game snacks.

It's a showdown where touchdowns are as elusive as a sober fan in the fourth quarter, and victory tastes sweeter than a touchdown dance on a bed of buffalo wings. So grab your nachos, buckle up your lucky jerseys, and get ready for a rivalry that's as intense as it is absurd. Because who, besides these guys, really wants a Salad Bowl?


The Grease Game

Get ready for "The Grease Game," folks! It's a no-holds-barred showdown between the dirty samsquanch, Hunter James' Carrollton Ditch Chickens and the mustard tiger, Trevor Woodworth's Atlanta Alcoholics. These UWG Kappa Sig pledge brothers are about to turn up the heat on the fantasy football field, fueled by their love for opposite sides of the Falcons-Saints rivalry. Each manager's franchise also dawns the colors of their favorites in that rivalry.

In the words of a wise Sunnyvale man named Bubbles, "Oh my fuck! That's greasy!"


The Z Bowl

Really got creative on the name for this rivalry. Charlie "Zema" Call vs Zack Gregory. Zema vs Zack. Girthy Goobers vs Tacomunchers.


Who will win the Z Bowl and be known as the supreme Z?

Shape 122.png

The Aluminum Bowl

Get ready to witness the epic showdown between two buddies who talk more smack than a back alley dice game – it's "The Aluminum Bowl" in our fantasy football league! Jake Lee's Tyrone Terminators are gearing up to face off against Chase Smith's Coweta Cowboys. It is the Coweta-Fayette County rivalry.


War of the Laces

The War of the Laces is the ultimate showdown between Jack Howard's Thomasville Shockers and Trevor Woodworth's Atlanta Alcoholics in our fantasy football league. It's a rivalry so intense, it makes a cage match between grizzly bears look like a tea party for stuffed animals. These two managers have been going at it like hyenas fighting over a particularly juicy bone since they first crossed paths. Their insults fly back and forth faster than a mosquito on caffeine, with the group chat resembling a battlefield of verbal warfare.

Now, as for the name "War of the Laces," it's as fitting as a pair of sweatpants after Thanksgiving dinner. A football, both real and fantasy, has laces on the ball, right? Well, in this epic clash of egos, the laces symbolize everything these guys hold dear—pride, dignity, and the ability to talk smack like it's an art form. The Shockers and the Alcoholics aren't just playing for points; they're fighting for the honor of victory and the chance to rub it in each other's faces until the end of time. So buckle up, because this showdown is about to get crazier than a rodeo clown on a unicycle. Let the War of the Laces begin!

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