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The Fantasy Football League of Unprotected Sacks Story

The FFLUS has a humble beginning, rooted in the camaraderie of college friends and the shared passion for football. It all started with a conversation between Trevor Woodworth and Jack Howard during the summer of 2021. Jack, driven by the idea, took the reins and set up an ESPN standard PPR format league. With a handful of college buddies and friends from hometowns, the foundation of FFLUS was laid.

Commissioner Howard, having spent time at the University of Alabama, reached out to his pledge brothers, extending the invite to Zack Gregory from Texas, who readily joined the league. His time at the University of West Georgia led to the inclusion of Hunter James, a friend from Jack's hometown and his roommate at UWG, along with Hunter's pledge brothers - Trevor Woodworth, Charlie Call, and Logan Hilton - all eager to participate. To complete the roster, Trevor enlisted his younger brother Parker Woodworth, who brought along his buddies Dylan Shanks, Jake Lee, and Chase Smith. Thus, the FFLUS began its journey as a 10-man standard PPR redraft league.

As the league gained momentum, it expanded its horizons by adding two more managers in 2022. Billy Holland, a friend of Jack's, and Justin Leabo, Jack's childhood friend, joined the ranks. Following another redraft season, the league made a pivotal decision during the offseason - transitioning to a dynasty format.

With the shift, the FFLUS aimed to emulate the NFL franchise-building experience, retaining the PPR format while introducing Individual Defensive Players (IDPs). Rosters expanded, strategies evolved, and the league's competitive spirit soared to new heights.


In 2023, the league underwent a transformation, wiping its history clean and rebranding with a dedicated website. Transitioning from ESPN to MyFantasyLeague to host the league scoring was a big move, but one we are ultimately thrilled with. The inaugural season in the new format proved to be a resounding success, laying the groundwork for future endeavors. 


However, amidst the triumphs, challenges emerged. The league faced the unfortunate reality of having to replace a manager due to non-payment of league dues. In February 2024, the void was filled by the addition of Sawyer Woodworth, the eldest of the Woodworth brothers, ensuring the league remained intact and vibrant.

As the FFLUS continues its journey, it stands as a testament to friendship, passion for football, and the enduring spirit of competition. With each passing season, the league's legacy grows, promising many more memorable moments on the gridiron.

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